My Drum Practice (previously The Drummers' Hub) by Dave Goodman (PhD). 'One of Australia's leading independent drumset & percussion schools' (DRUMScene, Australia's #1 drumming magazine).

My Drum Practice (previously The Drummers'​ Hub) was established in 2014 by Dave Goodman (PhD) and grew within 12 months to be cited in DRUMscene - Australia's #1 drumming magazine - as 'one of Australia's leading independent drumset & percussion schools'​ 1.

Dave brings over twenty years of teaching experience from previous appointments at prominent institutions such as Sydney Conservatorium of Music. His vision for My Drum Practice is:

"To help aspiring drummers to realistically evaluate and improve their own rate of progress over time by establishing and adhering to a regular practise routine that includes technique, repertoire, improvisation, and performance studies"​

To realise Dave's vision, My Drum Practice offers music education resources and programs in a variety of formats presented & authored by Dave, and - in some cases - by special guest presenters:

Drum lessons with Dave take place at My Drum Practice in Berowra Heights on Sydney's Upper North Shore or over Skype, and are based upon the principle of promoting learner-centred, self-determined learning - helping you progress toward what you want to learn. This means that, whilst lessons are drawn from hundreds of different subject areas, Dave understand that you are unique, requiring a tailored yet dynamic course to suit your specific needs and wants, which are entirely different from the needs and wants of any other learner. Studying at with Dave at My Drum Practice can help you to develop advanced repertoire, improvisation, aural skills, sight reading, coordination & technique.

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Abby And Toby Are On Their Way!

Congratulations to long-term (and now former) drum students Abby Constable and Toby Brown! Abby and Toby were in Year 12 in 2016, and they were both accepted into their first-choice tertiary music institutions for 2017: Toby’s going to James Morrison…

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January Workshop by Andrew Dickeson

Happy New Year! I hope you've had a chance to enjoy at least as much of a wonderfully warm and relaxing time with your family and friends during this holiday period as I have.

To keep your drumming going…

New Website for The Drummers' Hub

Today I'm very pleased to announce that The Drummers' Hub has expanded with its own website to help drummers grow and develop in their journey toward musical mastery.

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By Dave Goodman | Read time: approx. 4 mins

For many years, as a teenager growing up in the regional Australian city of Tamworth, I depended on my monthly purchase of Modern Drummer magazine to find out all I could about…

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Designing Your Own Unique Figures - Video Lesson

In around late 2010 I was really getting fed up with my doctoral work to say the least - just ask my wife! At this point the work involved engraving the six uptempo handwritten transcriptions I'd made into what turned out to…

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The Magic of the Stick - Video Lesson

[7-minute read] 1999 was my first year out of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. I was 22, and I'd landed a regular gig playing drums on a national TV variety show that aired on ABCTV called "O'Loghlin on Saturday Night", hosted…

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December 2015 - Christmas Edition

Dear friends,

Christmas is drawing near, and here in Australia, December is known as the silly season. It's strange to think that we celebrate Christmas during summer here in the southern hemisphere in the style of northern hemisphere celebrations -…Read more